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Quality Questions Yield a Quality Life

It’s been said that quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. With better answers, they are better equipped to solve the problems or pursue the opportunities that lie in front of them on their path toward a life of significance. With the stock […]

Learning to Dance in the Rain

It’s been said that April showers bring May flowers. Despite having turned the calendar to May, given the recent volatility in equity markets, it feels like it’s still raining – hard. More than the fact that the S&P 500 has fallen more than 10% year-to-date, it’s been the way we’ve gotten there that has made […]

Beyond The Shiny Gloss of Cryptocurrency: What Investors Need To Know

Bitcoin. NFTs. Blockchain. There’s a new vocabulary taking center stage recently, all revolving around a new digital currency system called cryptocurrency. Barely a decade old, this decentralized digital currency has moved from dark web discussion threads to mainstream conversations. It has the full attention of institutions and investors alike, making this the right time to […]

Skip 2022 Investment Predictions, Check Out 5 Investment Themes Instead

The start of a new year welcomes two time-tested annual rituals: New Year’s resolutions and investment predictions. Even though most people abandon their resolutions after about a month, they often put long-term faith in investment predictions. Wall Street certainly enjoys the attention they get from clients who yearn for insight into what an uncertain future […]

Make a List and Check it Twice

As we all find ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and buying those last few gifts, here are a few key strategies & reminders to help you maximize your finances before we close out 2021. Stocks or cash make great stocking stuffers. Stop racking your brain trying to find the right gift […]

How Financial Media Pulls the Strings

When I was a kid, my older sister Kim would often prey on my youth and ignorance. While this harassment took many forms, the instance I remember most was being “persuaded” by my sister and her friends to let them dress me up as a girl with makeup. It’s surprising how easily she convinced me […]

The Elephant in the Room

There’s no need to beat around the bush: prices are higher. We’re reminded every time we fill up our gas tanks, where prices have risen by 50% over the last year. We see it at restaurants where a lack of workers leaves tables empty and menu prices have risen to fuel the higher wages needed […]

Global Mindsets Yield Gold Medal Portfolios

With the extinguishing of the Olympic torch, the near-constant attention on the exploits of your home country’s team will start to fade. Having an instinctive home bias towards your own country’s athletes while watching the Olympics is expected and comes with minimal downside risk. Unfortunately, many people have an instinctive home bias in their investment […]

4 Profitable Ways to Invest Your Time

One of the most valued benefits of a successful life is the ability to control your time. Dedicating yourself to endeavors of your choosing can lead to long-term impact and help shape a lasting legacy as you move from success to significance. Here are four ways you can invest your time that are worth considering: […]

The Compan(ies) You Keep

When it comes to building your wealth, it’s just not about how much you earn that is important. Those seeking significance make sure they focus on earning with a purpose. One of the best ways to earn with purpose is through the company you keep… that is, the actual companies in your portfolio.  On your […]