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Sarah Wolk Elevated to Partner at Mosaic Family Wealth

Sarah Wolk, CFP® Senior Wealth Advisor, Principal sarah@mosaicwealth.com [St. Louis, March 1, 2024] — Mosaic Family Wealth proudly announces the promotion of Sarah Wolk to Partner, recognizing her exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to the firm’s success. As a Senior Wealth Advisor, Sarah has become an essential member of the Mosaic Family Wealth team. Her […]

Tyler Campo Promoted to Partner at Mosaic Family Wealth

Tyler Campo, CLU®, ChFC® Managing Director, Principal tyler@mosaicwealth.com [St. Louis, March 1, 2024] — Mosaic Family Wealth proudly announces the promotion of Tyler Campo to Partner, marking a significant milestone in his career with the firm and serving as a testament to his substantial contributions during his tenure as Managing Director. With a wealth of […]

Tuesday Tidbit: The Sure-Fire 2023 Recession Now in Doubt

When 2023 began, stocks were off their all-time highs by nearly 20%, inflation hovered above 6%, and the Fed was in the midst of its most aggressive rate hike cycle in decades in an attempt to bring inflation down towards its 2% target. The Fed signaled that more rate hikes were on the horizon for […]

Tuesday Tidbit: U.S. Debt Gets Downgraded Again — What’s Next?

Last week, Fitch ratings agency announced that it was cutting the U.S. debt rating by one notch, from AAA to AA+. Fitch joined S&P rating agency which previously downgraded U.S. debt similarly back in 2011, ironically under similar circumstances surrounding political infighting around raising the country’s debt limit. Let’s dive a little deeper into why […]

Tuesday Tidbit: How to Grow Your Wealth and Health

As we discussed last week, becoming wealthy isn’t easy. Neither is being healthy. Accumulating wealth, like a disciplined diet, requires us to make hard choices in the moment. We have to prioritize our future selves over our desire for instant gratification. There is a recipe for success that applies as much to a strong diet […]

Tuesday Tidbit: The Difference Between Being Rich and Wealthy

It was the investment book that started my love affair with saving, investing, and the markets. My dad gave me The Millionaire Next Door when I was a teenager. Back then, being a millionaire had even more cache than today — thanks a lot inflation. Ever since I was young, my dad preached about the […]

Tuesday Tidbit: Being Bullish Pays Better Than Being Bearish

It’s been 554 days since the S&P 500 hit its last all-time high on January 3 last year. That’s a long time that investors have been “down” waiting for the market to recover. This includes a 25% decline in the middle of last year. It’s easy to feel negative, or bearish, about stocks in these […]

Faith, Family, and Flag

By Scott Highmark President and Principal of Mosaic Family Wealth In 2002, pastor Rick Warren authored the popular book, The Purpose Driven Life. A book about pursuing purpose in life, grounded in faith and values, has sold over 50 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 137 languages. The quest for purpose has long […]

Tuesday Tidbit: Market Myth: Most Stocks Go Up over Time

We already cracked the myth here that stocks rarely, in fact, return anything close to 10% per year, except over the long run. The long-term average return for stocks has a tendency to lead us to believe that most stocks go up over time. Sadly, in fact, they do not. Our friends at J.P. Morgan […]